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Care for your skin and eyes in the winter! 2

Care for your skin and eyes in the winter!

Winter season beholds an irritating problem to many people – dry skin and eyes. Cold air has much less moisture than warm air and the humidity in winter tends to fall tremendously. Winter seems harsh on our skin and eyes as we age too. The skin becomes rough, flaky and itchy and the eyes red and irritated. This in turn leads to infections and injuries (you might scratch your corneas off!), and exacerbates pre-existing conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Normally the skin absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and tries to get well hydrated. In winter the cold air has much less moisture and thus there is no opportunity for the skin to do this. Added to this as we age the moisturizing properties of the skin is also reduced. What is the solution to prevent dry skin in winter?

Are curves better for a woman’s intelligence? 0

Are curves better for a woman’s intelligence?

What have the curves on a woman got to do with her intelligence? Plenty!! If you are to believe a recent study conducted on more than 16000 women and girls.

Researchers found out that the bigger the difference between a woman’s waist and hips the better they perform in IQ tests and also their children consistently performed better. So what’s the reason? Researchers writing in Evolution and Human Behavior give the reason to be due to more Omega-3 fatty acids on a woman’s hips. Omega-3 fatty acids are very important in neuronal development and play an important role in the development of fetal brain cells too. However the confounding effects of social class and diet are to be explained convincingly.