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One way of Exercise 0

One way of Exercise

Though you see people doing them, Toe touches and calf stretches won’t prepare your muscles for a workout. The only way to warm up, say experts is with light aerobic exercise, walking, easy jogging or stationary cycling, for example. Do this for five to ten minutes and you are good to go. Muscles are like toffee- when cold, they are stiff and can tear if you over extended them. But they are pliable once the blood is pumping. In fact, you can save stretching for post -exercise.

Cardiovascular fitness schedule 0

Cardiovascular fitness schedule

It has been proven conclusively that if you spend a few minutes every day exercising you will do your heart a whole lot of good. Even 20 minutes of exercise on at least 3-4 days in a week is more than enough to improve cardiovascular fitness, burn calories and tone up your body.
What are the various exercises one can do to improve the cardiac fitness?
1. Riding a stationary bike: Pedal with medium resistance and gradually increase the speed and resistance.
2. Walk on a treadmill: Take rapid and long strides and aim to attain a speed of 4.5 miles per hour. Ten minutes into the workout increase the incline.
3. Run on a treadmill: Begin with walking, after 3 minutes run for a minute and then again return to a slow run rhythm for 1 minutes followed by a one-minute run.