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Number phrases

Number phrases are a part of many quizzes and trivias. In this numbers are mixed with letters and the objective is to try and decipher the sentence. It takes one or two examples before you can start doing them on your own. Just look at the examples below:

4 S in a Y: 4 Seasons in a Year.
6 Z in a M: 6 Zeroes in a Million.

Now try to decipher these:

1. 26 L on a T. (clue: you are using one similar stuff now!!)
2. 50 S on the AF. (It is lowered as a mark of respect sometimes)
3. 9 L of a C. (Meow!!)
4. 12 S of the Z. (we all belong to one of them.)
5. 7 C of the R. (think of rain!!)
6. 3 H in a BB. (go ahead, knock the pins!!)
7. 21 D on a D. (? ludo)
8. 3 G in a H-T. (would love one in the world cup!!)
9. 7 W of the W. (Wah Taj!!)