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Every cloud has a silver lining 0

Every cloud has a silver lining

A dark cloud is a kind of difficulty,calamities,misfortunes.The silver lining is hope for progress,an opportunity to go ahead.Even a thorny bush may have beautiful flowers.So even a clarity may give a man an opportunity to improve and advance.There is some precious germ at the core of the misfortune.Every difficulty is a test and trial of man’s merit,ability,strength.When he passes through an ordeal,he comes out stronger,brighter and nobler.So evenly calamity has some scope for progress.There is no cloud without a silver lining.The wild fire spreads by leaps and bounds when there is stormy

What is fate? 0

What is fate?

“What is Fate?”Nasruddin was asked by a scholar,”Is it one cause and one effect?”
No,said Nasruddin,”Fate is a succession of intertwined events,some precedent,some happening after and all influencing one other.”
Saying this ,Mullah glanced out of the window.A procession was passing by in the street,with drummets beating a rhythm.Taking in the view mullah continued “See.They are taking the that man to be hanged.I know the case and i wonder :will that man die today because someone gave him a silver coin which he used to buy a knife with which he committed the murder to steal a purse ?Was it because someone saw him do it?or was it because no body stopped him from committing the crime?”