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Tongue twisters! 0

Tongue twisters!

A tongue twister is a sentence or phrase that is so difficult to keep repeating without making a mistake. The tongue is known to twirl when you attempt to tell these sentences or phrases aloud and quick. Try some of these and see for yourself.

1. Cycle rally, lorry rally.
2. Good blood, bad blood.
3. Unique New York.
4. She sells seashells on the seashore.
5. The sixth sick sheikh’s sheep is sick.
6. Betty bought some butter but the butter she bought was bitter, so she bought some better butter to make the bitter butter better.
7. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chick wood?
8. Freshly fried flying fish.
9. Greek grapes.
10. Many an anemone sees an enemy anemone.

Cricket as explained to a foreigner. 0

Cricket as explained to a foreigner.

Ever wondered why so few countries play cricket? While often labelled as the gentleman’s game it is played by so few commonwealth countries only. It is not surprising considering the complicated nature of the game. Take a look at this paragraph below – it is the way an ardent fan of the game explained cricket to an unsuspecting foreigner!!

You have two sides, one out in the field and one in. Each man that is in the side that is in goes out, and when he’s out, he comes in and the next man goes in until he is out. When they are all out, the side that is out comes in to go out and the side that was in goes out to try and get those who are in out. Sometimes you get men still in and not out.

Palindromes – A beautiful aspect of English language 0

Palindromes – A beautiful aspect of English language

The word palindrome is derived from the Greek language and means PALIN = AGAIN and DRAMEIN = RUN and means words or sentences that read the same forwards and backwards.

Single word examples:

Full sentence examples include:
MADAM I’M ADAM (Ignoring the punctuations)

Any more examples? Please post them.

Affluenza – The neglected diseases 0

Affluenza – The neglected diseases

Experts in 55 countries have put forward a paper that states the alarming fact that an estimated 388 million people could die over the next 10 years from the silent killers – hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases and obesity.

Often called as ‘Affluenza’ or diseases in the affluent society in developed countries, these diseases are also an emerging threat to developing nations. 60% of preventable deaths and 44% premature deaths occur due to these diseases. While all research has been focusing on infectious diseases like Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV-AIDS, these silent killers are being neglected. The WHO has in fact been spending less than 4% of funds on these diseases and often they are branded as an individual’s problem.

National parks of Kenya 0

National parks of Kenya

Kenya is a country known for its wilderness. Mention Kenya and the first thing thjat comes to the mind is a scene from National Geographic or Discovery Channel of a lion chasing an antelope. Kenya’s national parks have been immortalized in one’s mind. In fact the word Safari has been directly taken from the Kenyan language (Kiswahili) and means voyage. There are several designated parks and reserves in Kenya.

Chief among them include:

Number phrases 0

Number phrases

Number phrases are a part of many quizzes and trivias. In this numbers are mixed with letters and the objective is to try and decipher the sentence. It takes one or two examples before you can start doing them on your own. Just look at the examples below:

4 S in a Y: 4 Seasons in a Year.
6 Z in a M: 6 Zeroes in a Million.

Now try to decipher these:

1. 26 L on a T. (clue: you are using one similar stuff now!!)
2. 50 S on the AF. (It is lowered as a mark of respect sometimes)
3. 9 L of a C. (Meow!!)
4. 12 S of the Z. (we all belong to one of them.)
5. 7 C of the R. (think of rain!!)
6. 3 H in a BB. (go ahead, knock the pins!!)
7. 21 D on a D. (? ludo)
8. 3 G in a H-T. (would love one in the world cup!!)
9. 7 W of the W. (Wah Taj!!)

Anagrams 0


An anagram is a wordplay that needs rearrangement of the letters to make a new word. Often the anagram contains clues to decipher the actual word or sentence. Take a look at the following examples. They are such fun!

1. Nice silky woman: Rearrange to get MONICA LEWINSKY!
2. UN’s said he’s mad: Saddam Hussein.
3. Cash lost in ’em: Slot machines.
4. Moon starers: Astronomers.
5. Woman Hitler: Mother-in-law.
6. I’m a dot in place: Decimal Point.
7. To copulate he finds interns: President Clinton of USA!
8. Mean as bad lion: Osama bin Laden.
9. Bad credit: Debit card.
10. Built to stay free: Statue of Liberty.
11. These churn air: The hurricanes.
12. Dirty room: Dormitory.

There are hundred of them and its good fun to try to decipher them.

Famous movie taglines 4

Famous movie taglines

After the marketing slogans, movies cannot be far behind. I will give you the tagline (a caption used by movies to advertise) and you guess the movie name. Here we go. Enjoy!

1. In space no one can hear you scream.
2. The human adventure is just beginning.
3. A murdered wife. A one-armed man. An obsessed detective. The chase begins.
4. Trust me.
5. His passion captivated a woman. His courage inspired a nation. His heart defied a king.
6. Rush hour hits the water.
7. They stole his mind. Now he wants it back.
8. The story that won’t go away.
9. Not every gift is a blessing.
10. No one gets away clean.
11. 5 criminals. One line-up. No coincidence.
12. Coming to save the world this summer.

Famous Marketing Slogans 0

Famous Marketing Slogans

Dear friends,
I am an ardent fan of quizzing and love trivia and facts. I was the school and college team captain and used to quite relish the thrill of quizzes. The Adrenaline surge in such events is really exhilarating. I have compiled some questions here and try to solve them. The theme is basically famous marketing slogans and they are worldwide slogans. I will give the slogan and you give me the brand being advertised.

1. Where do you want to go today?
2. Let your fingers’ do the walking.
3. Smooth as Silk.
4. The ultimate driving machine.
5. Reach out and touch someone.
6. The world’s local bank.
7. Live in your world. Play in ours.
8. Tested for the unexpected.
9. Better shape, Better sex.
10. The world’s favorite airline.